So called “smart 3D printer” is a great option for a variety of users. Beginners buying it as a first printer will definitely appreciate the low price of 349 US dollars and extremely easy 3-piece assembly process. That’s the same factor that attracts owners of printing farms.  Except for that, Prusa MINI reliability makes it really suitable for this role. In this printer you can find three thermistors and a high-quality power supply. You can also expect 24/7 live chat and great overall support as for every other Prusa product.  And it is open source!

Example of Prusa  farm
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Build volume of MINI is 18x18x18 cm on replaceable spring steel sheets. Printer is equipped with a custom 32-bit mainboard and firmware updater. LCD display makes using the device really easy. The printer has sensorless homing with Trinamic 2209 drivers and a custom hot end supporting E3D nozzles. Innovative feature is the requirement of physically breaking part of PCB to flash new firmware onto the board. This was introduced to make sure users are aware of voiding the warranty of the printer.


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Other specs:

Layer height: 0.05-0.35 mm

Max travel speed: 200+ mm/s

Max temperatures: 280 C / 100 C

Extruder: Bowden system with 3:1 gearing ratio

Print surface: Magnetic heatbed with removable PEI spring steel sheets

Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

Supported materials: PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, Flex

Ethernet connection: Built-in
Wi-Fi connection: separate upgrade

Calibration: Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling
Print medium: USB, LAN

Firmware update interface: USB, LAN

PSU: 160W, external adapter (Mean Well or Delta – depending on region)

Prusa MINI maximal working space physically demonstrated

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This will cost you about 30 minutes. Here you can see a full description and breakdown of this process: Building your MINI. In case of running into any problem feel free to ask huge Prusa community for help or use an official 24/7 chat. See the whole process yourself and make sure you do everything right:

The Original Prusa MINI – Unboxing & Assembly